Viewing Notes

Viewing notes – to be used as needed.

Sticking – staying with – long durations of touch – not always easy – surprising connections – neither collaboration nor conflict.

Slugging – sticking with a large surface area – to find inside/“negative” spaces – connection must be constantly maintained – no grabbing/holding/leaning

Push/Pull – a disturbance – small or large – within bodies or into space –  giver and receiver both respond.

Invitation – the moment before a disturbance – a small drawing towards before pushing away, or a small expansion before pulling towards.

Disturb – to move, displace, disrupt, diverge, deviate, diffuse – to open up possibilities in yourself and others.

Disturbance – Anna Tsing says: “disturbance is always in the middle of things: the term does not refer us to a harmonious state before disturbance. Disturbances follow other disturbances.” (2015, p. 160)

Cascade – passage of information and energy – unpredictable reorganisation along the way – the small moving the large – fractal.

Hold space open – to not block someone else’s action, or limit their ability to respond to yours.

Leader (as) participant – to initiate something you’ll then be part of – to be as involved and invested as everyone else.

Seeding – to suggest a group action in the place where you are.

Distributed ­– no fixed centre, no fixed roles ­– the movement practices used in Cascades are owned by all those who developed them.

Antifragile – from the work of Nassim Nicholas Taleb – the ability to gain and learn from disruption, as opposed to robustness (the ability to not be affected by disruption).

In the midst – to be part of systems so complex and changeable they can’t be fully understood, but nevertheless you must act as part of them (not to do anything is also an action).