Upcoming Teaching

If you’re interested in organising some teaching, feel free to send me a message via the contact page.

Dates below run furthest into the future first.

Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th January 2020. TrinityLaban Student Union, London.

19:00- 20:30 Laban Building.

Floorwork/Flying Low!

£5 Drop-in. If you’re not a current student of alumni please get in touch with Monika at… M.blaszczak@trinitylaban.ac.uk

…at least 24 hours before to book your spot!

27th – 30th January 2020. TripSpace, London.

11am – 12:30pm Drop-in.

We’ll be taking a look at floorwork, through the material of Flying Low. This is a technique initiated by David Zambrano that uses simple movement patterns and principles (such as spiralling and alternating between expansion and cohesion) to dance our whole selves in, out and along the floor with speed, efficiency… and pleasure! We’ll take a detailed look at the material, breaking it down to find functions that work for each of us, then we’ll put it back together for some full-bodied dancing!

I highly recommend long trousers (within reason!) and covered shoulders.

More info on TripSpace’s Website