Spirals: fundamental building blocks of the cosmos for both physicists and New Age luvvies, universal choreographic tools and biomechanical brainteasers, clearly no movement without a spiral is worth aspiring too.

One wonderful thing about spiralling is you start from one part of yourself and pretty soon your whole body is joining in. If I’ve been doing lots of fragmented or inorganic movement and am feeling wound up by it all I like to do something whole-bodied as a kind of recovery, right now pushing and spiralling are the games of choice. 

So slip into the spiral, from a little finger or toe, hips or head, start to rotate easily back and forth, each repetition rotating a little more. With each larger movement you will probably feel the spiral travelling further through your body, requiring more and more articulation. You might want to use a spiral performatively to distort yourself by using some joints more and some less, or you might look for a more even distribution of the spiral throughout yourself.

As you spiral you might begin to feel a radial pattern emerging; in Laban’s terms a “gathering and scattering”, (or the newer, cooler incarnation of “gathering and sending”). You might indulge in this expanding and closing, enjoying bringing yourself to and from yourself, or you might search for a way of maintaining an easy openness throughout, like a tai chi master or a croissant.

Of course, the spiral might not end or start at your fingertips and feet, it could corkscrew endlessly in one direction or reduce to the smallest snail-shell whorl.