“Project!” encouraged every dance teacher ever.

The game starts with reaching with your fingertips (or extremity of choice) to the side, adding joint by joint; for example wrist, elbow, shoulder, spine up to down, hips, knees and ankles. What might help distribute the stretch through the whole of you? Nothing ever got worse by breathing. Which joints does it help to extend, which to soften and flex? You might look in the direction you’re going, or your head might help in other ways.

From my garden I can see a crane, it has a massive concrete ballast on one side and an arm reaching way out on the other. I wonder where the ballast is in me.

Your weight might move onto your foot (or other support) in the direction you’re reaching, observe if your other leg or side starts to tense and lift, like a see-saw, that might be a good moment to play with being completely relaxed in that leg/side. It might be an invisible change.

Reaching isn’t travelling, you need a place to reach from. You might need to reach in two opposite directions to get where you want to go.

Does it matter if your extremity actually gets further away? Maybe a more useful question is: do you taste reaching more or less fully? 

Time for rhetorical questions. Can you do this in any direction? Can you arc around your periphery? Can your whole being transform with each new direction or do bits get left behind? (I often forget to shift from one foot to the other).

Maybe this is a reach to something in particular, or reaching for the sake of reaching.