Proofreading for Dance Texts

Could your application, thesis, article or programme note do with a second set of eyes? I can bring my extensive knowledge of dance practice and academia, strong English language skills and careful attention to detail to help your text communicate clearly, accurately and professionally.
  • Dance-specific proofreading: dance is my expertise, so I am familiar with the terminology, conventions, key figures and movements.
  • Fast turnarounds… deadlines are deadlines!
  • Friendly and supportive service in confidence.
  • Pricing in relation to your needs and budget. Contact me here to discuss further.
I offer proofreading for:
  • Comprehension, spelling and grammar.
  • Consistent and appropriate style and structure, idiomatic English and text flow.
  • Quality and accuracy of content.
  • Correctly formatted referencing and bibliography, in line with the required style.
  • Researching and creating content (commercial work only, not for academic or student work).