Movement Recipes

Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2020, while under lockdown in London due to Coronavirus, I began to make a series of short videos and texts, as small “recipes”- inspiration and information to be taken away from the screen, adapted, tested and tasted, as opposed to say watching a cook-along TV programme, if the metaphor makes sense.

Content was drawn from throughout my interests and experiences as a dancer, but mostly from the “reverse engineering” school of learning: things I’ve seen amazing dancers do and tried to figure it out how I might get a little bit of that into my dancing!

These videos and texts are meant to inform and inspire, please do take good care when doing any of the proposed activities, and if in doubt about anything seek expert advice… or if no expert is available you can always ask me!

No claims for originality. Many claims for copyright infringement.



Deep Hip Dance


Leg Twist

Twitch and Disturb



Light Feet

Initiations from Peripheries