Initiations from peripheries

I really enjoy centre-initiated movement, and exploring centres’ varied roles in movement (centres of mass, of attention, of rotation. Energetic centres, points of intersection… centre being a fluid concept, but one that for me is unrelated to drawing in abdominals or lifting my pelvic floor!).

However… some days it feels like I can only move from my centre. Then I know it’s time to check what my hands, feet and head want to do, to see how peripheral parts of me can express as themselves, and inform what is more central.

So, some small intitations!

Allow one part of you a little more space and time to move, let the strings out a little. 

Maybe follow that initiation longer than is easy, you might need to get some other parts of you out of, or into, the way!

Invite big shifts through small changes.

Willingness to go with, to stay with.

Periphery as what feels like the furthest connected place from where you think you are right now, in space or within your body.

You might find an exciting space in the overlap of isolations and initiations.

Initiations seem distinct from pretending that one part of you doesn’t know what the rest is doing (though nothing wrong with playing that game).

Extremities might reach out towards the extremity, leading to stretching and travelling, or they might swim closer to your body leading to undulating and turning.

There are many ways to conceive a “centre”, but they seem to tend towards the singular, the unified, the spherical. Peripheries on the other hand are plural, capable of differences, and joining together. They are rough around the edges. They can infiltrate and question, they do not need to wait for permission or consensus to act.