Cascades Project

Throughout 2019 a group of dancers began exploring a group improvisation practice, initially under the framework of Ben McEwen’s MA in Creative Practice at TrinityLaban/ID.

The first public sharing of the practices was done under the title of Cascades at TrinityLaban on 18/07/19. However this is just one iteration of the practices developed, specifically for Ben’s MA assessment. The practices will continue to be researched and can and will appear in different forms.

Current areas of interest are disturbance, dissensus, distributed knowledge and agency, touch, learning as a group and the relationship of physical movement practices to ecological and political systems. All within an ethical and supportive working environment. Some notes about the practices can be found here.

The practices developed are collectively owned and can be used, taught and further developed by all who contributed.

Alessandra Ruggeri, Annie Hanauer, Aubruary Sik, Becky Horne, Ben McEwen, Bun Kobayashi, Chlöe D’Arcy, Elettra Giunta, Elina Akhmetova, Jennie Boultbee, Joel O’Donoghue, Julia Testa, Juliette Mello, Lauren Potter, Lewis Wilkins, Lucy Evans, Luigi Ambrosio, Michael Picknett, Petra Söör, Sophie Arstall, Verena Schneider.


We’re in disturbed times. Social, political and ecological systems are radically changing and the models we’ve used till now to make sense of them no longer reflect reality or offer much hope.

Dancing probably won’t change any of this.

There’s no going back, no undisturbing. We must learn the skills and arts to inhabit a world in the midst of disturbance, to live as disturbances ourselves.

So we’ve got together and we’ve danced. We’ve pushed and pulled, stuck with each other in unexpected connections, eased into uncomprehendingly complex situations that demand instant responses, cared for one another through challenges and provocations. We’ve passed the resultant tips, techniques and practices back and forth between the twenty of us- learning together, distributing and decentring.

Dancing probably won’t change anything.

(but a cascade isn’t the big and powerful moving the small and passive)

Research initiated and directed by Ben McEwen

Team for the sharing: Alessandra Ruggeri, Aubruary Sik, Becky Horne, Ben McEwen, Bun Kobayashi, Chlöe D’Arcy, Elettra Giunta, Jennie Boultbee, Julia Testa, Juliette Mello, Lucy Evans, Luigi Ambrosio, Sophie Arstall.

Sound: Michael Picknett

Technical Support: Laban Production