Running / Barefoot / Minimalist

I came to running when injured from dancing; a sprained ankle that couldn’t handle the large, multiplanar and often unpredictable movements of dancing. From the very start my investigation into, and through, running was tied up with the question of how can I do this without it hurting?, which gradually gave way to how can I make this feel good?!

My ankle healed, but the questioning and a love of running have both stuck.

If you’d like to book a running session for yourself, you and a friend, a company or institution please contact me here.

More info below, and some of my thoughts on running accessible through the menu.

What we’ll do

Throughout sessions we’ll focus on learning and refining the skills of running (or walking): how to move in a way that is efficient, sustainable, appropriate… and pleasurable! We’ll look at building suitable running forms from an investigation of basic principles and the options available to us, rather than attempting to apply an existing “correct” form onto our bodies.

Once you have a confident, embodied understanding of all the elements that make up good running technique we’ll begin to look at other aspects that intertest you, for example developing the fitness to run faster, run for longer and the specific skills of trail running and sprinting.

We can work in whatever footwear, or combinations of footwear, that you’re interested in running in; conventional trainers, minimalist/barefoot shoes or barefoot! For barefoot we’ll find a suitable area and surface to ensure we can run with confidence.

Covid-19 precautions

Please do let me know your requirements and preferences regarding physical distancing and PPE. We will be working outside and maintaining recommended physical distancing, we can also wear gloves and/or masks.

I will cancel any future appointments at the first sign of any symptoms, and request that you do too, for the duration of the recommended self-isolation period. A full refund will be offered in both cases.


For individuals:

30mins – £30

60 mins – £50

For pairs:

60 mins – £50

For groups and organisations please contact me and we can work something out!

I don’t want price to be a barrier for participation, please contact me and we can have a chat about what’s possible!


I work from North-East London, so am very happy to meet in parks in that area (Finsbury Park, Clissold Park, Alexandra Park, Victoria Park, Lordship Recreation Ground, and other parks in that general area). If it’s more convenient for you to meet outside of North-East London please do be in touch and we’ll see what we can work out.